What is Freebie Trading?

Freebie sites are websites that let you earn cash and/or prizes by completing sponsors offers. Very simply, you sign up on a freebie site that advertises various products and services, and complete a trial offer, and you’ll be paid by the person who referred you there!

Why do advertisers participate?  Because they need you to try their products.  Each freebie offer is channelled down through several procedures before it finally reaches you, the customer:



The Advertiser is the one presenting an offer, like a book club trial, for example.  He distributes his offer ads through a Middleman or offer affiliate, who handles many offers and supplies them to the Freebie Network.  The network places the ad on one or more of their Freebie Sites, which then advertise them to you, the Customer.

When you do a freebie site for someone, you become their referral and they pay you for that.  Their incentive is to get an additional prize from the freebie site itself.  Making money through “freebie sites” has been a reliable way to make money for the past few years.

While there are still many scammy sites out there — and spammers who promote them — that is only one side of the coin. There are some freebie networks that are extremely reliable and easy to work with.

There are also several well-known discussion forums where serious traders gather to trade referrals back and forth, and to give each other advice. Trading can actually be a lot of fun!

This is one of the easiest ways to make quick income online. Advertisers participate because they get more people to try their products. The freebie networks participate because they can collect an admin fee. New traders come in to learn the business, and eventually become mentors for others who also want to learn. You’ll see how it all works as we go along, and as you complete your first trade.