Trainn Sites

Trainn (Transcendent Innovations) is a little bit different than the other freebie networks.  They are the biggest and most experienced network around.  And if your offer fails to credit, they are one of very few networks that still accept MCRs (Manual Credit Requests).  Good customer service.

After you join your first Trainn site, you will notice that Trainn has two different lists of offers.

List A — has four pages of good quality, FULL CREDIT offers, and these are worth 50 points each.

List B — includes all offers — the ones on List A, plus some offers with lesser points.  You still need a total of 50 points to go green.

All of the different Trainn sites will have the exact same offers. So it helps to keep a list of full credit offers and another list of half credit offers that might interest you, for future use.

They do change the list of offers slightly from time to time.  You can see a list of all the Trainn offers HERE, but it’s not always up to date.