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When you join a new freebie site, just choose any prize for now. You can always change it. And that won't come into play until much later as you go through the Stages of Trading


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My name is Joanna. I am an extremely friendly, sincere, patient, and honest trader, interested in your success, as it’s ultimately mine as well. I’ll be your mentor, and your friend! … I have a teaching background, and will give you all the support and assistance, with excellent step-by-step training guides and references to learn the basics, and beyond, of this great business!

When I first started freebie trading, I was overwhelmed, to say the least! … Confused, lost, apprehensive about who to trust… I didn’t know the difference from one freebie site to another … one credit vs. two credits? … offer weights per site? … percentages? … It was really too much to grasp all at once! I just wanted to be guided by a friendly, honest trader that could get me started on the right track, show me the ropes and the best way to make money quickly, and be there for me to answer questions! And that is exactly what I will do! … You can count on me to be there for you, all the way through Method 2 (paying others) and beyond!

Why should you choose me as a Mentor? … Because I provide the BEST TRAINING AROUND! I am an excellent teacher — and I know that sometimes Less is More. I will not ask you to read documents on the discussion forums for hours and hours before you can begin! My training will first focus on what you need to know right now!


I have completed more than 300 trades

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